Hearing Assistance

We specialize in Hearing Loops, which provide a superior listening experience to individuals with T-Coil equipped hearing aids. In addition, we design and install traditional FM based hearing assistance systems.


What’s a Hearing Loop?

We specialize in installing Hearing Loops- inductive wire antennas that are compatible with T-Coil components found in most modern hearing aids. A loop allows users to receive direct signal from a sound system to their hearing aids, without the need for specialized hardware or fear of radio interference. They are virtually maintenance free, and the loop itself never becomes obsolete.

Room Loops

Loops can be fitted into rooms of any size and shape, and can be integrated with nearly any existing public address system. They can be designed to limit output for secure meeting rooms, and can even be installed in buses. From living rooms to conference rooms, no room is too small or large to be looped.

Countertop Loops

Countertop loops have a small profile and limited output to protect sensitive information. These loops are perfect for banks, pharmacies, hospitals, customer service desks, checkout counters, and many other locations. They are always on so there is no need to ask for assistance.

Portable Loops

Portable loops offer completely wireless operation and a built in microphone. They are easy to transport, weighing roughly 3 pounds, and are great for meetings in locations where a loop has not yet been installed. Take this loop with you wherever you go, and be sure you’ll always hear the information that you need!

FM Systems

In rare circumstances where hearing loop installation is not viable or is cost prohibitive, we also provide high quality radio based hearing assistance systems. These systems work with existing sound systems to transmit clear audio to specialized receiver packs. The systems are compatible with standard headphones or earbuds, so everyone can use what they are most comfortable with.

T-Coil Loop Install Locations

To view a complete list where we’ve already installed the T-Coil Loop Hearing Assistance Components Click Here!